Monday, December 11, 2006

Mejias Watch Hack is a Hypocrite

The cowardly republican says in diffenent posts..

"Now if Mr. Rennhack would like to change his smear tactics by endorsing the attacks on Congressman King's family over the past few months by both Newsday and Dave Mejias and openly condemns (publicly that is) these horrible methods that undermine our nation's democracy, I will be glad to release my identity."

"His buddy Mr. Rennhack continued to attack the Congressman and his family and will probably continue to do so since he can't attack on any substantitive matter."

"Mejias and Newsday attacked Rep. King's family,"

Mejias Drops to a news Low
"While we all know that Dave Mejias is floundering in his bid to unseat Rep. King, he has sunken to an all-new low this week by engaging in a series of personal attacks not on Rep. King, but rather on King's son. This is deplurable and it shows what a weak and desperate candidate Mejias really is. He knows he cannot win on substance so he must go for the eleventh-hour sneak attack which is unwarranted and purely pathetic."
"I find these attacks to abhorrent and disgraceful. If Mejias cannot win based on substance, then he should drop out of the race now. He has just continued to show the electorate his true colors. I find it interesting that as he engaged in these outlandish attacks, his campaign manager, when asked about immigration and its role in the election this year, stated, There are other issues that are much more important to people in this district." That just goes to show you that Mejias and his campaign are completely out of touch with the 3rd Congressional district.I urge on everyone, including KingWatch, to denounce these personal attacks and get back on the topic of the real issues facing Americans this Nov. 7."

Now lets look at the VERY FIRST POST by Kings little shill. (Mike is that you checking in from Fordam?)
"But let's look right now and something he told Newsday in their article on the race that appeared on October 23rd.
"Mejias is single, and declined to say if he had been married. " Now why would someone decline to say if they had been married before? Why is Dave Mejias trying to hide the fact that he was married and unfortunately due to some circumstances he was divorced? In the 21st century, it's not uncommon to be divorced, in fact a recent study showed that married couples were in the minority in America. I am not saying that it is wrong for him to have been married and subsequently divorced, what I am saying is that he shouldn't try and hide the fact. By hiding the fact, he is showing his true colors. If he can't tell you the truth about his personal life, what makes you think he'll tell you the truth if he's elected to Congress?"

Right out of the gates, it is gets personal.
Can you say hypocrite?

Last Licks?

Seems the cowardly republican over at "Mejias Watch" can't help himself. He says "After noticing that our friend over at KingWatch continually attacks this blog, even after our last post last month, let's just set the record straight. All Mr. Rennhack does is attack, attack, attack with very little knowledge of the real issues facing Nassau County voters."

Well geez, this blog was set up to refute what th epoor ill-informed republican hack was posting so sure, I'll post a response to what he posts.
As to knowing what the 'real issues" are, I bet the writer of 'Mejias Watch' was a big supporter of the whole failed "sixth borough" campaign last year. That and the republican message went over like a lead balloon.

He continues "It's unfortunate that this has-been legislator-candidate can't seem to move on with his life."

OH NOES!!!! I can't move on!
And I'm a "has-been" to boot.
It's nice to see that the cowardly writer believes that its best to just give up rather than continue to fight for what you believe in.

Here is the funny part: "Now if Mr. Rennhack would like to change his smear tactics by endorsing the attacks on Congressman King's family over the past few months by both Newsday and Dave Mejias and openly condemns (publicly that is) these horrible methods that undermine our nation's democracy, I will be glad to release my identity."

The caveat to just saying who he is is thatI have to "condemn" the "attacks" on Kings family.
Let's set the record straight.
Now if Mr. Rennhack would like to change his smear tactics by endorsing the attacks on Congressman King's family over the past few months by both Newsday and Dave Mejias and openly condemns (publicly that is) these horrible methods that undermine our nation's democracy, I will be glad to release my identity.
King son is a lobbyist for a firm that has clients that would be affected by Kings commitee and could be helped by King. The facts are that those very same companies DID get contracts. The fact is that after denying that Sean King was a registered lobbyist, it turns out that he is indeed a registered lobbyist.
It also turns out that Kings sister is a lobbyist for businesses that would benefit by Kings chairmanship.
It also turns out that the unindicted forgerer Erin King-Sweeney is the head of legislative affairs for Swiss Air. Airline regulations are affected by the Homeland Security Committee.
All this is above-board reporting.
There was nothing personal reported.
That was a line that was not crossed but King and his hack supporters try to paint King as a victim of unfair attacks.
How many more excuses could the republican coward come up with to avoid being honest about his identity?
Many I bet and each one cheaper than that last.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here is an Answer for the Anonymous Cowards "Pop Quiz."

Mejias Watch says "Pop Quiz kiddies. What do Legislator Joseph Scannell, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, and Congressional candidate Dave Mejias all have in common?
In 1999, they were all registered Republicans. Why would all of them switch parties? To run for office! Scannell was the past President of the Baldwin Republican Club and when they didn't let him run for County Legislator, he switched and ran to get elected. Carolyn McCarthy in her first two elections to Congress was a registered Republican running as a Democrat. Finally, in 2000, she switched. Dave Mejias was the same way. He was a member of the Farmingdale Republican Club and when he wasn't given the opportunity to run for County Legislator, he switched and ran against Sal Pontillo in 2001, and after he lost, he ran again when it was an open seat. Can someone change their ideology overnight?"

Lets see..... how about Nassau Legislator Denise Ford???
She was just prior to running in 2003 a Democrat and friend of Tom Suozzi.
And she is still registered as a Democrat.
When republican leader Peter Schmitt says "Jump", Denise says "How high?"
How about NYC Mayor Bloomberg?
He was a Democrat but didn't want to partake in a primary so he switched to the republicans.
Or how about Town of Oyster Bay Reciever of Taxes Jim Stefanich who switched parties so he could win re-election? Stefanich had very bad things to say about nassau republicans before his switch.
And then there is Martha Offerman, former Democratic TOBAY Town Clerk who ran as a republican for the legislature in 2005 because she was passed over by the democratic party in 2003 to run for TOBAY Supervisor.

Who is "Dave Mejias Watch" and Why is He/She/It a Coward?

The anonymous coward crowed "Well after only being live for a few days we've already made Newsday's Spincycle blog."

Yup, and SpinCycle asked if the coward would come forward and identify themselves but he/she/it has refused to do so.

We've had out suspicions about the identity of the clueless blogger.
Seems some of the writing matches the writing of another poorly written and now defunct site "Suozzi Watch" which appeared in the run-up to the 2005 Nassau County elections. The site advertised itself as "Suozzi Watch was created as a daily update for the actions of Nassau's Democrat County Executive, Tom Suozzi. This page is dedicated to exposing Tom's foolery, every day."
Needless to say it wasn't "every day" and died shortly after the election.
The blogger there left a possible clue to his/her/its identity with a picture...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(We'll be getting into the eyeball identification on Nassau GOP Watch this week as we cover the myriad defunct republican websites in Nassau.)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oh Geez....

So "Dave Mejias Watch" signed off with an attack on me.
Good for him/her/it.
Its refreshing to see an anonymous coward come out and identify themselves when they attack someone... oh wait, the mysterious blogger (Chris? Alex?) doesn't have the stones to stand up and say "My name is...... "
Mejiaswatch says "Well that just about does it for us here at MejiasWatch. Since Mejias lost, there is no need to keep the blog alive, so this will be the last posting. What better way to close out the blog than with a quote that fits this occassion perfectly:"We weren't just marking time, we made a difference."
And we did. We let the truth be known about Mejias and he suffered a miserable failure. His buddy Mr. Rennhack continued to attack the Congressman and his family and will probably continue to do so since he can't attack on any substantitive matter. I guess he really lives up to the ending of his last name, "hack". Thanks for listening."

I'm sure readers of King Watch can clearly see the posts are "substantive" and deals in the facts. The anonymous coward has yet to post about any "substantive" issues or attempt to engage in a "subnstantive" debate.
I love the "attack the Congressman and his family" bit.
I guess reporting on the facts of Sean Kings lobbying work is an "attack?"
Or that Erin King Sweeney forged signatures on petitions is not worthy of mention?
Or that Kings sister is also a registered lobbyist with business before congress and committees king is on?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Setting the Record Straight - Penn Station

The hack over at Mejias Watch says Dave and his family were "blocking the staircases" at Penn Station.
Was he there? Nope.
Was I? Yup.
As a commuter I was at Penn Station.
As a republican hack, the Mejias Watch anonymous writer wasn't at Penn.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Anonymous Mejias Watch Writer Not So Smart

The republican hack sez:
"Our friend over at KingWatch is quick to yell and scream "King is running scared!" because Rep. King, for the first time ever, is actually spending what he's raised. Fact of that amtter is, EVERY incumbent, regardless of Republican or Democrat, especially if they're popular, empties their coffers because they know that they can raise it all again in just one year if need be. KingWatch remidns me of Mejias a lot, misinformed and has no idea how Congressional campaigns work. But then again, KW endorsed Blair Mathies, someone who didn't even get endorsed by the ultra-liberal Times and Newsday. To prove my point with regards to King's fellow comrades' spending in election cycles, here are some examples:

Rep. Pelosi (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.67M so far this year."

The dim bulb doesn't know how to read FEC reports and ignores that Pelosi gave $587,939 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $59,999 to a Proposition 7 Opposition Group and a few hundred thousand to other candidates.
Notice that when you look at Kings filings, it doesn't show that at all. He just dropped half a million on advertising. Pelosi didn't do that.

"Rep. Israel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year"

Isreal gave $150,000 to the DCCC, and just like Pelosi, opended his campaign fund to help many other candidates. No half million dollar ad buy here.

"Rep. McCarthy (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year."

McCarthy gave $100,000 to the DCCC and money to other candidates. mCcarthy is in a 2-1 republican distict and does campaipgn but there is no half million dollar ad buy here either.

"Rep. Rangel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.7M so far this year."

Rangel gave $200,000 to the DCCC and money to other groups and candidates. No huge ad buys here.

"Rep. Maloney (Safe Democratic) - Spent $800,000 so far this year."

I will just refer readers to Maloney's filings because once again it isn't like Kings half million dollar ad buy. $150,000 to the DCCC in case you were wondering.

And how much did King give to the RNCC?

It would be embarassing to mention here.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome and Stay Tuned

Watch this space for the truth about Mejias Watch coming up in just 2 days.

And while you are here, hop on over to King Watch to see the irrefutible facts about Peter King.

Unlike the fragile little buttercup over at Mejias Watch, I'll have comments open and an e-mail address.
Oh and I do King Watch and I'm not anonymous. My name is all over the site and in local papers.